Industrial policy ambition paper for swaziland

Organising in this sector has proved very difficult in the past and, as yet, the union has no strong organising tradition of its own.


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It was a legitimate social partner with a direct voice to the central state and the big shots of business. Some sectors such as services and manufacturing still have much organising to do.

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Swaziland Industrial Development Policy -An Ambition Paper Submitted to the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) for development of SACU Industrial Policy Framework 1.

INTRODUCTION In Swaziland industrial production is heavily concentrated in a few and the bulk of exports are controlled by a handful of companies. Thispaper attempts to identify problems caused by industrial development in Swaziland; and identify the impact of industrialization on the environment; ascertain the level of corporate responsibility towards the environment by Plan of the paper The paper is divided into three sections.

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Industrial policy ambition paper for swaziland
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